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By developing new energy vehicles in guangxi, we will carry out the expert positioning of aluminum plate.

By developing new energy vehicles in guangxi, we will carry out the expert positioning of aluminum plate.

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According to China's auto industry experts predict that by 2020 China's auto production and sales scale will reach 30 million units, 2025, 35 million, 2035, 38 million vehicles, and sales of new energ
According to China's auto industry experts predict that by 2020 China's auto production and sales scale will reach 30 million units, 2025, 35 million, 2035, 38 million vehicles, and sales of new energy vehicles will be 2.1 million vehicles, more than 500 and more than 1500. The average annual growth rate in 2020-2035 is 14%.
Guangxi automobile industry especially new energy automobile industry develops rapidly. In recent years, guangxi has taken the automobile industry as one of the pillar industries of key development, and has formed a complete automobile industry system, such as truck, passenger car, automobile and auto parts industry.
At present, guangxi at the beginning of the new energy automobile production scale, with wuling automobile co., LTD., guangxi source are car companies such as new energy automobile co., LTD., as a representative of new energy vehicle research and development and the production pattern has been formed.
During the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in", will focus on construction of guangxi liuzhou new energy vehicles, new energy bus in guilin, nanning, all aluminum body of new energy vehicles, guigang new energy bus four new energy automobile industry base and wuzhou, qinzhou, congzuo city three major new energy automobile lithium ion power battery production base and yulin city hybrid powertrain production base. By 2018, guangxi will have an annual capacity of 200, 000 new energy vehicles, and the annual output of new energy powertrains will exceed 30,000 sets. The new energy automobile industry will achieve annual output of 10 billion yuan. By 2020, guangxi will have an annual capacity of 400, 000 new energy vehicles and an annual capacity of 50, 000 new energy powertrains and 30 billion yuan worth of new energy vehicles.
As is known to all, the power batteries of new energy vehicles take up a large proportion of the weight of the whole vehicle. In order to improve the mileage of new energy vehicles, the weight loss of new energy vehicles has become the focus of continuous attention in the industry. At present, the new energy vehicles with high aluminum and aluminum content have emerged, and the potential of aluminum alloy materials in new energy vehicles is very great.
Willow aluminum is one of the important aluminium rolling enterprise in guangxi, on production equipment, casting process is equipped with a 50 tons, a 75 tons of casting production line, it is equipped with advanced electromagnetic stirring system, refining, degassing filtration system. With a 3300mm+2850mm "1+4" wide hot rolling production line, it is equipped with advanced automatic control system, which can produce 2700mm hot rolled coil products. Cold-rolled finishing process is equipped with a 2800 mm cold rolling mill and a 2300 mm six roller CVC cold rolling mill, it is equipped with AFC control system of AGC and imported from abroad, all above can produce 0.1 mm thickness, width, the width of 2650 mm aluminum plate belt. It is equipped with a set of 2800mm and a set of 2350mm rewinding cutting edge (strip) unit and 2450mm cleaning, stretching and straightening production line and annealing furnace and other production equipment. It can provide various specifications and sizes of aluminum alloy plate belt in the transportation industry. With the construction of the four new energy automobile industry bases in guangxi, the aluminum alloy plate will be supported by the aluminum alloy.
It is understood that the current of aluminium has now formed a with engineering and technical personnel as the main body, outside experts to support science and technology research and development team, formed with the core of Chinese academy of engineering Zhong Jue "academician workstation". Professor tang yun of central south university and professor jiang xianquan of the chongqing institute of science and technology of southwest university have also joined the company. In addition, with ustb, hunan university, China southern railway zhuzhou electric locomotive research institute, guangxi university, guangxi university of science and technology, Shanghai automotive industry corporation, has formed the strategic cooperation, cimc group, etc will be transportation equipment research and development of aluminum plate with united.
Level of aluminum has been established in guangxi autonomous region "engineering technology research center", will be formed "guangxi aluminum material transportation research institute", and outside experts for the technical personnel to provide a good development environment and development.
At present, the willow has been C80 aluminum coal gondola car with aluminum plate, liquid transportation vehicles with aluminum plate, refrigerated vehicles, new energy bus, container with aluminum plate, aluminum plate, etc. Series of products has realized the breakthrough, especially C80 coal gondola car aluminum plate 5083 - H321 (6 mm * 2420 mm * 2420 mm), tank car aluminum 5083/5454/5182 - H111 (5 ~ 8 mm x 1800 x 5000 ~ 12000 mm ~ 2400 mm) specifications such as product strip method was adopted to realize the mass production, won the user's consistent high praise.
According to liu aluminum "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development strategy planning, willow aluminum will around traffic equipment with aluminum belt production line, through the "innovation and smart" way of working, further research development and production of automotive aluminum plate, aluminum plate, shipbuilding, aviation aluminum plate aluminum rail transit vehicle, container aluminum plate and its deep processing products such as series of products, through close cooperation with all kinds of traffic users of deep, to user needs as the driving force, to provide cost-effective lightweight aluminum belt and vehicle technologies. Strive to make the aluminum brand in the forefront of China's aluminum strip rolling industry in 2-3 years, and become an excellent supplier for the overall solution of the series of transportation aluminum sheet and its deep processing products.