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Research cooperation

Research cooperation

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Frequent advantage of scientific research units within the company and the industry, now assume or participate in international cooperation projects in a, 2 state-level cooperation projects, district cooperation projects, municipal projects.
Cooperation include: Russian Academy of light alloy, Russian Aviation Technology Research Institute, Chongqing Research Institute, Chongqing University, Southwest University, Chongqing Three grinding Haida company and Beijing University of science and technology, China National Erzhong, Zhongche Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute, Central South University and other research units.
In addition, company also with Hunan University, Guangxi University, Guangxi University of science and technology, Luoyang Nonferrous Metals Processing Design Institute, Guangxi Automobile Industry Group, wide vote Yanlong company, Shanghai Automotive Brake Co., Ltd. unit established good relations of cooperation, in the development of new products and should be used in close cooperation.