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First, the 2015 performance review
Our company gain remarkable achievements in 2015-“entrepreneurship year”: by overcoming the difficult of economic environment, gradually promote market development and improve the work of introducing talents, training system, trial by the rapid transition to the normal production in 2015 exceeded the annual production target, to achieve annual output of 52 thousand tons.
Second, strategic positioning
The construction of " domestic leading and international first-class aluminum processing enterprise, to create a brand of " wide transportation plate&sheet production expert, to become the core enterprise of "brand alliance" in GIG group  aluminum section.
Third, guided by market demands
With the carrier of market-oriented reform, a clear incentive mechanism, promote the realization of real company full sales management objectives, achieve professional sales; optimize sales channels at home and abroad are, the full development of the domestic market, vigorously explore the overseas market, and actively create electricity supplier sales platform "the Internet", the introduction of strategic partners.
Fourth, IUA driven new development
"Academician workstation" (Zhong Jue  academician and his team) as a platform to set up the "Transportation Materials Research Institute" as the main carrier, to upgrade technology center transformation as an opportunity to continue to strengthen cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, industrial production contributed to scientific research, production - Learning - Research - the integration of collaborative the development strategy, and finally realize the transportation of aluminum "intelligent manufacturing", lead the transportation of lightweight Aluminum Alloy new material development.
Fifth, build the platform of integration of imformation and industrialization
During 2016 and 2017, we plan to complete the information system of integration of imformation and industrialization and the effective docking of the information management platform with GIG group. Cooperating with professional Information Control Corp, thorougly implementation of fine management, 7S management, innovation management, enhance the management level. Through the information system. We can realize the standardization of production and management standards, shorten management processes, improve the management efficiency. To reduce management costs and reduce business risk.
Sixth, introduce strategic partners actively
1, product sales strategic partner: signing long-term cooperation agreements with customers who have sales channels or setting up joint-stock sales company. So we can realize the sharing of resources and common development.
2, the new construction partners: market demand, the industrial park layout, the introduction of new investors.
3, asset financing strategic partner: combined with the group "the combination of strategic thinking, drive, enhance operational efficiency through innovation and management mode, promote the deepening of market reform, the timely introduction of strategic partners, the introduction of enterprise development funds, to achieve equity diversification, optimize capital structure and improve enterprise the competitiveness and vitality. Finally realize the asset securitization, and strive to achieve a listing in 2020.
Seventh, enhance the production target
The output goal: 105 thousand tons of products in 2016, 150 thousand tons in 2017,