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Scientific research achievements

Scientific research achievements

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Company focused on in transportation with wide aluminum alloy plate, sheet and strip field to carry out research and development work, has now developed a series of technical level reached the leading domestic products, major scientific and technological achievements are as follows:
(1) the development of 650 * 2520 * 7200mm (length * width * thickness) of large size Mg Aluminum Alloy flat ingot.
(2) developed a series of specifications for 3-50 * 2200~2600mm (thick * width) wide strip, hot rolled coil, of which coal gondola with wide plate can replace imported products, the wide ship plate has the det Norske Veritas (DNV) on-site audit certification until final approval certificate.
(3) to develop a series specifications for wide products of 0.5 to 3 * 2200~2575mm (thick * width) and 0.5 x 2000~2200mm, the container with 2575mm wide cold rolling board has can be substituted for imported materials.