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The company has a strong management ability and professional talent team with high quality. Among them, the management and technical personnel account for 35%, 4 people have doctoral degree, 25 people have graduate degrees, 90% have bachelor's degree among business management and technical personnel,,60% have engineers titles or senior. We introduce more than 30 various experts with rich experience in the aluminum processing industry from more than twenty aluminum processing and well-known enterprises at home and abroad through market-oriented way. Company was founded "academician workstation". We are now planning to set up "institute of  aluminum alloy material and components for transportation with the Chinese academy of engineering Zhong Jue academician (central south university) and his team focus on transportation aluminum alloy material. Also we have “BaGui scholars” and “distinguished experts”. We’ve hired well-known aluminum processing industry leading experts who from central south university as the scientific research project leader to do technical research and development,  and actively cooperated with central south university, chongqing university, Beijing university of science and technology, southwest university, chongqing institute of science and technology and other domestic famous universities and research institutes to carry out in-depth cooperation for a long time, which can enrich science and technology talents team, build the platform for talents.