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Liu aluminum news October 14th, Guangxi Li Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Chaoming, party secretary Li Yan and his party to Liu aluminum business cooperation negotiations.
Under the accompaniment of Liu Xiangui, deputy general manager of Liu and aluminum company, vice president Mo Youxin and production planning manager Tao Zhiqiang and others, the guests went into the production site of the melting and casting plant, hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and so on, and visited the 75 tons smelting furnace, the 1+4 hot rolling mill production line, the cold rolling mill and so on, and understood the performance characteristics of the main products of Liu and aluminum. Use and other related conditions.
   At the subsequent symposium, vice general manager Liu Xiangui first introduced the outline of Liu aluminum to the guests in the form of video. He said that Liu aluminum company is in the stage of rapid development. In the process of participating in the market competition, external force is one of the important ways for the company to open up the market. Li Yuan Technology Company is committed to asset investment, project investment, domestic and foreign trade and other business, so the two sides have the basis of cooperation, and hope to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, and strive for common development.
President Wei Chaoming thanked Liu Al for his warm reception. He said that the purpose of this study is to communicate and communicate with the two business cooperation projects. Through this exchange, we hope to further enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust, promote business process and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
Subsequently, the two sides discussed the specific business ideas, capital operation, contract signing and other matters.