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To investigate occurred in people around "four winds" corruption and specific work

To investigate occurred in people around "four winds" corruption and specific work

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Toinvestigateoccurredinpeoplearound"fourwinds"corruptionandspecificworkFocusoninvestigatinganddealingwiththefollowingfiveaspectsoftheoutstandingproblems (1)inviolationoftheprovisionsofthespiritofthece
To investigate occurred in people around "four winds" corruption and specific work
Focus on investigating and dealing with the following five aspects of the outstanding problems
(1) in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight provisions and the "four winds" problem. Focus on remediation of public funds, treat gifts, travel in disguise, illegal payment of benefits, extravagance and waste, lavish weddings, solicit or accept gifts of money in red envelopes, gift cards, cash, securities, and other issues, accept affect the impartiality of duties of dinner, to the office of the group company wholly owned and controlled enterprises with real, official vehicles rectification implementation of the "look back", to prevent the rebound.
(2) the reform and restructuring of enterprises, investment and mergers and acquisitions in violation of discipline. The focus of remediation in the reform and reorganization of enterprises, investment, M & a disposition of property, mixed ownership reform in related party transactions, interest transportation problem, excellent affectionate friend, swindle, abuse of power, corruption, embezzlement, resulting in state-owned assets loss and the abuse of power chaos as or not as a problem.
(3) violation of discipline and law issues in the selection and appointment of persons. Key selection remediation work, fraud, illegal promotion of management personnel and engage in a small circle, small groups, breach avoidance principle "inbreeding" wait for a problem.
(4) the problem of violation of law and discipline in the construction of major projects of enterprises and the management of enterprises. Focus on remediation in enterprise management, the construction of major projects, "Kaoshanchishan", false impersonation and other issues; in financial management, business contract, material procurement, bidding and other key work, and third party collusion such as profit.
(5) to implement the "two responsibilities" of the "responsibilities" in the implementation of a clean and honest government. Focus remediation company Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection of the "two," poor implementation, occurred in the employee side of the four winds and corruption left unchecked, or to have the case do not check, the case is not reported, even shield shield. Focus on examination of the two responsibilities implementation, to solve the problem of grassroots party organizations are weak and lax.
Company Party committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate and deal with the people around the four winds and corruption special work Special special "on the in-depth implementation of the eighth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the fifth plenary session and autonomous region Party committee ten fifth plenary session, Autonomous District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the tenth of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit, an effective solution to occur in people around the" four winds "and the problem of corruption, according to the autonomous region, the SASAC Commission for Discipline Inspection issued < autonomous region directly under the enterprises to carry out the investigation occurred among the masses around the" four winds "and the problem of corruption scheme > notice" requirements, the company Party committee, commission for discipline inspection this year from September to next year by the end of June, in the company within the scope of sub mobilization investigation, investigation, consolidate and improve the three stage of development to investigate the occurrence of the masses around the four winds and corruption problems. Strengthen organizational leadership. Company Party committee was established to investigate and deal with the masses around the four winds and corruption issues special work leading group, the company party secretary Liu Xu head, a clear task. To damage the interests of the masses of the outstanding problems and the four winds of investigation and clean-up, find a number of clues, to resolve a number of hidden letters, to solve a number of outstanding issues, investigated and reported on a number of typical cases, deal with a number of law and discipline of cadres, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, promote grass-roots party style and clean government innovation and development. Strengthen supervision and inspection. To investigate the occurrence of corruption and the people around, "four winds", focus of the work in each branch, the focal point in each department (Branch). The company Party branch earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, discipline should conscientiously perform their oversight responsibilities. Insist on a case double check, strict accountability, the special management is not serious, not responsible, negative attitude, simple to deal with, will be informed criticism, ordered deadline for rectification, and to hold the responsibility of relevant personnel. Pay attention to prevention and punishment. Adhere to both hands, the special treatment and the establishment of a sound education, systems, supervision and pay equal attention to the grassroots system of punishing and preventing corruption. Serious investigation and handling of cases at the same time, pay attention to Chajiu combination, check teaching combination, check combined with construction, deepen anti-corruption education and guidance, strengthen the system construction, strengthen the restriction and supervision of power.
Communist Party of China's integrity and self-discipline guidelines
    The Communist Party of China all Party members and leading cadres at all levels must be staunch communist ideal and belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics must adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, we must inherit and carry forward the party's fine tradition and style, we must consciously cultivate noble moral sentiment, to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, honesty and self-discipline, accept supervision, maintain the party's advanced nature and purity.
Norms of honesty and self discipline of Party members
The first to Gongsifenming, put public interests before private ones, wholehearted devotion to public duty.
Second adhere to the high and low corruption, clean man, clean work.
Third adhere to the thrifty against extravagance, thrift and frugality.
Fourth to suffer first, enjoy, dedication
Standard of honesty and self-discipline of leading cadres of Party members
Fifth clean politics, maintain people's public servant character.
Sixth clean with the right, and consciously safeguard the fundamental interests of the people.
Seventh honesty and moral consciousness, enhance the moral realm.
Eighth honest family, consciously take the lead and establish a good family tradition.
Lower right:
Four winds problem
A formalism、 the masses of the most prominent is the pursuit of form, not pragmatic, undeserved reputation, retreat power, work not catch fulfil.
Two is the bureaucracy, most people are not satisfied with the work efficiency is low, buck passing, not as irresponsible.
Three is hedonism, the grassroots and the masses reflect the most is some leading cadres of the status quo, seek ease and comfort, the lack of awareness and innovation spirit.
The four is wasteful, is in good condition, many do too wasteful, extravagance and waste.
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