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Leaders' Care

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Enterprise's development is inseparable from the support of the state and the society. Since its inception in 2009, Liu aluminum company has already become aluminum processing industry a bright rising star, and its growth has been at all levels of Party and government, Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Investment Group Yinhai aluminum company, Liuzhou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and social friends from all walks of life support. Love is like life giving spring breeze that moistens enterprises to thrive, and glow with vitality

On July 1, 2009, liuzhou City Party Secretary Chen Gang, mayor Zheng Junkang etc. To attend the ceremony of the establishment of the Guangxi Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminium Co.,Ltd.



On August 17, 2011, accompanied by Liuzhou City party secretary Chen Gang, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Zhang Qiaolin etc., autonomous regions CPPCC Vice Chairman Chiang Chi hung, Peng Zhao rate consists of more than 70 autonomous district CPPCC members visiting mission to Liu aluminum company construction site inspection



On november 1, 2011, the mayor of Liuzhou City Zheng Junkang rate Municipal Development and Reform Commission, bureau of finance, industry and Trade Committee, Construction Committee, Yanghe Industrial Park leading to Liu aluminum company visited the project site



On november 18,2012, vice chairman of the autonomous region, Yang Daoxi, Liuzhou City Mayor Zheng Junkang, autonomous region industry and Information Committee Director beam Hua, wide vote of president of company of group of Feng Liujiang attended Liu aluminum casting production line ignition ceremony



June 7, 2013, vice chairman of the autonomous region Lin Nianxiu to the liu aluminum company research.




on July 2, 2013 wide investment group company canopy President to visit liu aluminum company research



on July 30, 2013, the autonomous region party committee Wang Kunfang inspection group leader to visit liu aluminum company research



on August 21, 2013, wide investment group company chairman feng liujiang river, canopy President to visit liu aluminum company research



on February 19, 2014, the autonomous region party secretary of state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, director of Guan Yuejing, regional commission Zhao Enping director of line 2 people to visit liu aluminum company research



on January 15, 2015, the mayor of liuzhou Zheng Junkang line to willow aluminum company research



on March 26, 2015, laibin, party secretary li zhigang, the mayor Bai Xi, chairman of the CPPCC WeiShanGuo city leaders lead line of more than 80 people, laibin, party and government delegation in liuzhou Hu Jinchao Zheng Junkang, secretary of municipal party committee of the CPPCC chairman, vice secretary of municipal party committee Du Wei city accompanied by the leaders of four groups, such as to Liu aluminum company to visit



June 10, 2015 wide investment group company RongXian President to liu aluminum company research guidance.



June 25, 2015, Guangxi CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Jun visit Liu aluminum company research



on October 15, 2015 wide investment group company vice President GuoMin to liu aluminum company research.



October 29 2015, Guangxi military commander Xiao Yunhong major general, deputy chief of staff Liao Changwu Colonel line to visit Liu aluminum company research guidance



November 30, 2015, vice secretary of Liuzhou Municipal Committee Wu Wei to visit Liu aluminum company survey



on December 23, 2015 afternoon, wide investment group company to Wu Dakui vice President liu aluminum company guidance "three solid steady tightening" special democratic life



January 23, 2016, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, vice president and his entourage to visit military literature LiuAlcoa aluminum industry to carry out frontier research dynamics