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Guangxi Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminum Co., Ltd

I. Review of achievements in 2015

Through overcoming the economic difficulties, gradually promoting the market development and improving the system of talent introduction and training, and rapidly transforming from trial production to normal production, Liualuminum achieved remarkable achievements in the "Pioneering 2015". The annual output target of 2015 was exceeded, and the annual output reached 52,000 tons.


Second, strategic positioning

To build a "domestic leading and international first-class" aluminum processing enterprise, to build a Lulu brand as an expert in the production of aluminum sheets and strips for transportation, and to become the core enterprise of the "brand alliance" in the aluminum section of GTC Group.


Third, market-oriented

With the market-oriented reform as the carrier, clear incentive mechanism, truly promote the realization of the company's full sales management objectives, to achieve professional sales; Optimize sales channels, develop both domestic and foreign markets, fully develop the domestic market, vigorously explore overseas markets, actively build an e-commerce sales platform "Internet +", and introduce strategic partners.


Fourth, industry and university alliance drive new development

With "academician workstation" for the platform, to form a "transport materials research institute" as the main carrier, to the technology center upgrade transformation as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the scientific and technological cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, facilitate the industrialization of scientific research achievements conversion, integrates produce - study - research - with coordinated development strategy, and ultimately realize transportation aluminum made "smart", Leading the new development of lightweight aluminum alloy materials for transportation.


5. Build the information platform for the integration of the two industries

In 2016-2017, the two integrated information systems will be built to effectively connect with the information management platform of the Group Company. Cooperate with professional information management companies, comprehensively carry out fine management, 7S management, innovation management mode, improve management level. Through the construction of the information system, the production standardization and management standards can be realized, the management process can be shortened, the management efficiency can be improved, the management cost can be reduced and the operation risk can be reduced.


VI. Actively introduce strategic partners

1. Strategic partners for product sales: based on customers with market resources, we can sign long-term cooperation agreements or jointly establish joint-stock sales companies to achieve resource sharing and common development.

2. Newly built project partners: market-oriented, with industrial park as the layout, to introduce investors for new projects.

3, assets financing strategic partners: combining group company "with melting, two-wheel driven" strategic thinking, through the management innovation and improve operational efficiency and further promote the marketization reform of companies, timely introduction of strategic partners, introduce enterprise development fund, realize the company equity diversification, optimizing equity structure, improve enterprise competitiveness and vitality.


7. Increase the production target

Production promotion target: Achieving the production target of 100,500 tons in 2016, and reaching 150,000 tons in 2017.


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