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The core idea of "guangtou culture" is to learn from the experience of the group's corporate culture construction achievements, inherit the group's 32 years of spiritual blood, summarize the current situation of corporate culture, analyze the transformation development trend and the corresponding cultural needs, innovate, integrate into the spirit of the new era, and summarize the important achievements that adapt to the group's future development direction, It marks that the construction of corporate culture of the group has stepped onto a new stage and embarked on a new journey.


GIG culture :

Forward with the development of the times, invest in cultural innovation

Mission of GDI: creating value, serving the society and making employees
Guangtou vision: vitality guangtou · Centennial guangtou
Core values of GDI: responsibility, innovation, openness and win win

Live up to our mission and forge ahead

Creating value: leading the high quality development of industry and realizing the value maintenance and appreciation of state owned assets
Serving society: fulfilling social responsibility and benefiting people's livelihood
Achieving employees: people oriented and sharing enterprise development achievements with employees

Go all out to the vision

Vitality Investment: reform releases vitality and innovation stimulates vitality
Centennial guangtou: persisting in sustainable development and realizing sustainable development

Never forget to practice your ideal

Take on the responsibility of state owned enterprisesInnovate, forge ahead, embrace change and pursue excellenceOpen to the outside worldWin win cooperation, mutual benefit, sharing and harmonious development

ALG culture :

Core concept: unity and innovation, rigorous development

The brand of GDI new materials group is composed of "Al" and "g".
Al, as the abbreviation of aluminum, directly points out the professional properties of aluminum production. The single letter "a" expresses GDI new materials group's determination to make progress and innovation, as well as its positive goal of being stable and leading in the industry, and its desire for win-win cooperation and efficient cooperation. The single letter "L" expresses the rigorous and responsible service principle of GDI new materials group, which is more like an eagle in pursuit of transcendence and innovation.
As the abbreviation of Guangxi Guangxi, G is more like cloud thunder pattern / loopback pattern. It not only reflects the company's continuous strategic vision of continuous development, but also expresses the cooperation attitude of being in line with international standards and win-win with the world. The contrast and collocation of green and blue, natural and environmental protection, highlights the corporate culture and positioning of GDI new materials group, which hopes to grow and be full of responsibility.



Enterprise spirit
Responsible, enterprising and tolerant
Management policy
Pursuing excellent performance and leading the Lean Development of the industry
Advocating scientific norms and creating a safe and harmonious environment
quality policy 
Customer centered, more accurate service
Comprehensive continuous improvement to provide high quality products


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