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Liu aluminum take actions to strengthen the fire safety work

Liu aluminum take actions to strengthen the fire safety work

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Liu aluminum News All aroundoccur more than production safety accidentsrecently, caused by Liu aluminum attaches great importance to. In order to create a safe and stable production environment, the company actively taken a number of effective measures to enhance fire safety, to prevent the occurrence of inside and outside the factory fire accident.

The implementation of fire safety management responsibilities. Liu aluminum actively to implement the fire safety management responsibilities, establish and improve the fire safety management system and, in the light of the reality, establish long-term management mechanism. If requested by the company with a volunteer fire supervisors in each branch, responsible for fire supervision; to establish a reserve of fire safety of the party, with Heyang and CMC were within the jurisdiction of the fire safety work

Carry out various activities to strengthen the propaganda. Liu aluminum to make full use of emergency drills, organizational learning activities, strengthen safety education. For example in mid August Liu aluminum joint Yanghe fire squadron in hearing Chang natural gas stations for natural gas leak emergency drills, security and environment department to carry out fire escape and explain the activities and other. Through the above activities, enhancingthe fire safety awareness of the employees of the company, and effectively improve the self-help self-defense capability.



To eliminate the hidden trouble of safety. Company organize all the departments to carry out the fire safety special inspections. In addition, at the end of August, led by the power plant, safety and environmental protection department, production department, equipment department composition inspection team within the jurisdiction of the power plant electrical equipment for electrical special safety checks.




To carry out regular inspections investigation. The company HSE department on a monthly fire safety inspections of the production site,, but also regular outdoor fire hydrant, fire extinguishers and other checks, timely investigation and hidden dangers.