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Liu al won two new patent licenses for utility models

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Liu al won two new patent licenses for utility models
Liu al news (correspondents Pang Feng) recently came from the State Intellectual Property Office, which was issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. The utility model was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for the utility model of the lubrication device for the grinder roll neck and the aluminum leakage alarms of the molten aluminum furnace.
When grinding is carried out, the friction between the work roll and the grinding pad is large due to inadequate lubrication, which is easy to cause loss. This problem has not been properly solved. Liu aluminum practical patent "grinder work roll neck lubrication device" not only solves the problem, but also improves the utilization rate of lubricating oil. The device is mainly equipped with oil control valves, elastic cantilevers, metal rollers with oil holes, and cotton rollers under metal rollers. Among them, the metal roller can ensure the lubrication uniformity and sufficiency between the roller shaft and the bearing when the grinder works. The cotton roller can further improve the lubrication uniformity and reduce the friction force; the elastic cantilever on the support can guarantee the roller to stick to the surface of the roller shaft; the oil control valve can adjust the oil amount according to the need to improve the utilization rate of the lubricating oil. . The device has the advantages of smart structure, simple operation, and less oil consumption and better economic performance.
The aluminum melting furnace is an aluminum smelting equipment. The original aluminum is melted into molten aluminum at high temperature in an aluminum melting furnace, and then flows into the specified position through the flow channel and the chute of the aluminum melting furnace. It is easy to cause accidents due to accidental leakage of aluminum. Liu aluminum utility model patent "aluminum melting furnace slot aluminum leakage alarm device" effectively solved this problem. The device comprises a pair of polar plates made of aluminum materials and cables with heat-resistant bellows. If the aluminum liquid accidentally leaks, the aluminum liquid touches the aluminum pole plate, the device will report to the police. The new device is easy to manufacture, easy to install, timely alarm and practical.