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Opening up alloy sheet for auto parts and developing strategic cooperation

Opening up alloy sheet for auto parts and developing strategic cooperation

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Liu al news October 19th, by the Shanghai automotive brake Co., Ltd. car light weight project director Yang Xiaodong, technology minister Mo Sunyan and the company's customers composed of an inspection group of Liu aluminum company conducted an inspection review. The aim of the investigation is to prepare for the strategic cooperation between the two sides for the development of aluminum alloy parts for automobile parts. Liu Xu, Deputy Secretary General of the company's Party committee, chairman and general manager, accompanied by Zhao Weihua.
    Shanghai automobile brake company is a subordinate enterprise of Shanghai automobile industry (Group) general company. It provides automotive brakes, such as automobile Benz and BMW, and other parts of the international famous brands. The company seeks aluminum alloy sheet development and production partners to achieve lightweight projects. In the near future, Liu Al is a product of the 1.24 mm thickness of 5754/O alloy made by its trial alloy. The product has qualified performance, and the stamping is probed well. The samples and samples have been sent to Europe for related testing. In order to establish closer development and production cooperation, according to the requirements of the automotive industry, according to the requirements of the automotive industry, the company has qualified qualification for Liu aluminum.
Under the accompaniment of the vice general manager Zhao Weihua and vice chief engineer, Wen Jian, the team conducted field investigation on the production site of the company, such as casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and so on. The two sides also exchanged the key technical requirements of the project.
    In the subsequent review conference, Zhao Weihua, the deputy general manager of the company, said that in 2016, Liu al will increase the development, production and marketing of aluminum alloy plates for automotive parts and parts. As a chance, it will seek more cooperation in the design and manufacturing of automobile parts. The company hopes to develop joint production and production cooperation with our customers, opening up a new chapter in our transportation aluminum research and development and production.
The delegation said that the aluminum alloy products used for brake parts are 5182 and 5754, with high thickness and shape requirements, and special performance requirements. Through the field inspection of the large-scale advanced production equipment of Liu aluminum, plus the powerful development team and many cooperation institutions, research institutes and other scientific research resources, the delegation is full of confidence in the production of qualified and stable products of Liu aluminum. Next, the delegation will report the results of the assessment to the company and sign the specific cooperation agreement with Liu and Liu as soon as possible. The delegation hopes that through the inspection and exchanges, it can establish strategic cooperative relations with Liu aluminum and jointly develop automotive aluminum alloy sheet products.
Liang Yan, deputy general manager of Liu aluminum company and Professor Deng Yunlai of Central South University, etc.