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Guangdong shenzhen innovation investment co., LTD.

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On September 24, liang zhenhua, director of guangxi innovation investment co., LTD., in guangdong province, visited the company. Accompanied by liu xu, chairman, general manager and party secretary of liu aluminum company, Dr. Liang visited the smelting aluminum flat ingot, 1+4 hot rolling line, cold rolling mill and other equipment.
After the visit, the two sides held talks in the company 515 conference room. The chairman of liu xu introduced the production process and product category of liu aluminum to the guests in the form of video and PPT. Then he said, the opportunities and challenges facing the willow aluminum is more, the enterprise's financial pressure, need more money to support the development, so the company's current management thinking is preferred to introduce strategic investors, or industry. He hoped that the two sides could further cooperate and help the company to achieve the goal of creating "an expert on the production of aluminum plate with transportation and transportation" through the help of the innovative investment company. At the meeting, Dr. Leung said that he had a basic understanding of the investment scale, holding situation, production capacity and development thinking of the company. The company is equipped with advanced equipment, strong science and technology strength and broad prospect. It is a large aluminum processing enterprise, expecting further communication and communication between the two sides.
   Company deputy general manager zhao wei hua, liu xiangui and party committee deputy secretary wu zhiwei and other accompanying investigation.