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Willow aluminum conducts charity donation activities.

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Recently, the group party committee office, the union office, the rain run volunteers association jointly launched the love donation initiative, called on the general staff to the group of five difficult party members, workers to make contributions. Upon receipt of the initiative, the union organized a love donation mobilization meeting and made a donation initiative to all party members and staff. Donations totalled $20,269. The donation will be devoted to the help of the group's difficult staff.
In the compassion donation mobilization meeting, liu presided over aluminum, deputy general manager, trade union chairman wei-hua zhao conveys the group company donation initiative and donor scheme about love, hard worker basic situation, mobilize the broad masses of cadres and workers to actively help for zhuo ran five difficulties such as worker, compassion, to condense a broader, more powerful, enthusiasm and motivation for the enterprise to a higher quality development. In the donation activity, liu aluminum, in accordance with the principle of "wide launch and voluntary", advocated that all employees should do their best to send care and help to the difficult workers. Activities for the general staff's positive response, willow aluminum cadres and workers to actively through donations of cash, transfer and other methods to difficult worker to lend a helping hand, fully embodies the wide family helping each other warm.