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The lightning protection reconstruction of the Liu Aluminum factory.
Branch Leader Dr. Liang Zhenhua from Guangdong Shenzhen Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. Came to Liu aluminum
Liu aluminum take actions to strengthen the fire safety work
Liu aluminum roads change "new clothes"
Xu Lei was selected on the second election of Guangxi" intellectual property (patent) talent" list
Liuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out special inspections of the highly toxic chemicalof Liu aluminum
Standards of aluminum alloy sheet for automobile and aluminum alloy sheet for tank establishing meeting is held in Liuzhou
Liu aluminum carry out the monthly safety and environmental inspection
Major general Qu Shaogang, chief of staff of the Guangxi military region, visited Liu aluminum to guide the construction of the
Guangxi force Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu aluminum actively promotes the two level of safety standardization for trial work
Liu al won two new patent licenses for utility models
Carry out safety production knowledge test, strengthen staff safety responsibility consciousness
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