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The company has a series of advanced wide Aluminum Alloy hot rolling production equipments and facilities.
Casting plant: There are four casting production lines of 75 tons or 50 tons, which are equipped with international advanced electromagnetic stirring device, chlorine refining system, degassing tank and deep-bed filters imported from Novelis, French. The equipment can guarantee the composition uniform. The effect of removing gas, slag, alkali metal has reached the international advanced level.
There is a 3300mm+2850mm "1+4" hot rolling production line whose corollary equipment and control system reached international advanced level, which can produce high quality of medium plate and hot-rolled coil. The width of the plate is up to 3100mm, and the width of the hot rolled coil up to 2700mm. The medium plate production line is equipped with a 3500 tons drawing machine, production have small internal stress and excellent plate shape. Crosscut production line possesses functions of cutting edge, traightening straight, shearing, and automatic stamping. The products have high precision of shape and size.
Cold rolling mill: The company has a 2800mm four-high cold rolling mill and a 2300mm six-high cold rolling mill, the AGC and AFC control system imported from aboard, and the cleaning brush roller, roller bearings and other key parts are imported, so it can ensure the production has excellent quality of shape and surface. The largest size of stretching-bending straightener line at domestic is built , and the width of the strip can reach 2500mm.