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The lightning protection reconstruction of the Liu Aluminum factory.
Branch Leader Dr. Liang Zhenhua from Guangdong Shenzhen Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. Came to Liu aluminum
Liu aluminum take actions to strengthen the fire safety work
Liu aluminum roads change "new clothes"
Xu Lei was selected on the second election of Guangxi" intellectual property (patent) talent" list

Guangxi Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminum Co., Ltd is a state-owned enterprise which jointly set up by Guangxi Investment Group Yinhai Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. Founded in 2009, our company is located in the .....

201500906 Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminum Tube Purchase Inquiry Form
20151119 liuzhou yinhai aluminum saw blade and other procurement inquiry sheet.
20150928 liuzhou yinhai aluminum fire hydrant valve purchase inquiry sheet.
20150906 liuzhou yinhai aluminum anti-rust oil and other purchase inquiry sheet.
Bidding information for aluminum ash (300 tons/batch) 0427.
Bidding information for aluminum ash (300 tons/batch) 0718



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Aluminum monthly report: spring back to earth warm, march aluminum price or first rise and fall.
By developing new energy vehicles in guangxi, we will carry out the expert positioning of aluminum plate.
Aluminum companies collectively cut output to release the bid signal.
Aluminum weekly review: next week, the heating season will arrive, aluminum price or stop decline stabilizes (11.6-11.10)
Who moved the aluminum "cake"?

Companies adhering to the guangxi investment group, the enterprise culture and wide yinhai aluminum corporate culture. Establish enterprise sub culture has its own characteristics. 

EMU material

Shipping and Marine Engineering

Coal Gondola Car

Aluminum for Tank

Aluminum for Container

Auto parts


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